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Professional Activities


As a professional business organization, DSP hosts a professional mixer every semester to provide opportunities to it's members.

Through mixer, we develop strong connections with employees and offer our members to ability to meet and network with reputable companies.

Mock Mixer

As a professional Business Organization, DSP hosts ‘Mock Mixer’ to not only help improve networking skills of its members, but other Warrigton students!

Members from DSP who have had real world industry experience from Fortune 500 companies attend as mock recruiters to help explain their recruiting cycles and help improve the networking and recruiting skills of students within the fraternity and more broadly, Warrington.

Chapter Speakers

We give our members the opportunity to learn about industries that interest them and the opportunities to network with successful individuals through our guest speaker series. 

Delta Sigma Pi prides itself on providing its members with guest speakers that can not only inspire them but guide them on the path to similar successes. 
2022 Spring Professional Mixer

Pro Trip

Company Outreach

Every Semester, DSP members travel to popular cities and visit companies in different fields of the business world.

True Corporate Experience

By visisting the company offices, brothers gain a realistic feel of what the coorperate world is like. On these trips, brothers are able to connect with recruiters during company tours and learn invaluable information.

Spring 2023 - Chicago, IL

DSP Professional Trip

In the Spring semester of 2023, our brothers traveled to Chicago, Illinois and connected with companies including IBM, Google, Deloitte, and Protiviti. The brothers networked with recruiters, learned about some of the career opportunities available to students, and experienced the city of Chicago.

Brother Testimonials

Pro Trip was a great opportunity for me to get a better understanding of what a working life after graduation might look like. I was happy to connect with fellow Gator alumni who are now living in Chicago and hear about their transitions to a big city in the North, as well as learn more about the day-to-day of their job roles. Additionally, I got to tour one of the offices for the company I will be interning with this upcoming summer and network with people in varying roles within the company.

- Natalie Gibbons.. Sri
Pro Trip allowed me to build meaningful connections with employees at different companies, expose me to different career opportunities available, and learn more about how professionalism in the workplace and work-life balance differ at various companies. In addition, it was a great experience visiting Chicago for the first time and seeing all of what the city has to offer recreationally and professionally.

- Denise Do .HII

Fall 2022 - Austin, TX

In the Fall semester of 2022, our brothers traveled to Austin, Texas. The brothers had the opportunity to connect with many companies including EY, Oracle, Intel, Salesforce, Kendra Scott, and Google. Brothers were given the opportunity to explore Greater Austin and envision a career in the city.

Brother Testimonials

Pro Trip was an incredible opportunity that allowed me the chance to experience careers and companies I may have otherwise not considered. As a finance major, I only ever regarded corporate finance firms as my sole option. Through DSP's Pro Trip to Austin, my eyes opened to the numerous finance roles tech companies such as Oracle and Google offer and retail companies such as Kendra Scott. Through the handful of company visits and networking events, it was a trip that shaped my professional mindset in countless ways for the better.

- Sriya Patel..HII
I had the privilege of attending our semiannual professional trip hosted by the Beta Eta chapter of DSP. During our trip, I had the pleasure of visiting a new city, Austin, Texas, and multiple company offices which was a new experience for me. Getting an insight into the work-life culture and operations of companies such as Salesforce, Oracle, and EY helped shape my future outlook on what I desired from an employer. As an incoming Google intern for this summer, having the opportunity to visit the Google office in Austin was also a significant experience in my interview and networking success. Having an amazing experience touring multiple company offices with my brothers in DSP, I took it upon myself to become the new director of our professional trip which I am currently planning for the spring of 2023

- Ken Walden..H..

Spring 2022 - Atlanta, GA

In the Spring semester of 2022, our brothers traveled to Atlanta, Georgia.​​ The brothers got to tour the Coca-Cola headquarters, network with EY, KPMG, Goods and Services, and reunite with DSP Alumni. This was the first Professional Trip since transitioning back to in-person classes, and the companies were enthusiastic to host our brothers.

Brother Testimonials

I had the pleasure of attending the Delta Sigma Pi Spring 2022 Pro Trip and I must say, it was an experience that will stay with me for a long time. The weekend was filled with amazing opportunities to network with some of the most prominent companies in the industry, including KPMG. But the highlight of the trip, for me, was the exclusive headquarters tour of Coca Cola. The history and competitive marketing efforts of the company were impressive, and we got a glimpse of just how much effort and attention goes into a campaign. The insights we gained from the tour were invaluable and gave us a unique perspective on the industry. It was truly inspiring to see the level of creativity and innovation that goes into every aspect of the business. 

In addition to the professional development opportunities, we also had a great time bonding with current and alumni brothers. Exploring the city of Atlanta was a blast, and we had a lot of fun visiting hotspots like Ponce City Market and creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

Overall, the Delta Sigma Pi Spring 2022 Pro Trip was an incredible experience that exceeded all my expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such an enriching and fulfilling event. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain valuable insights into the industry, network with industry leaders, and bond with fellow brothers.

- Valerie Jones..HII
On the Atlanta ProTrip, I got to meet with UF alumni from a few different companies, including EY. I had met one of the EY professionals once before at another event, so Pro Trip was a great opportunity to further that connection in a more casual and 1-on-1 setting. It was also a great opportunity to explore the city, since Atlanta was one of the cities I was looking into moving to after graduation. 

- Alexis Mobilia. Sri
Pro Trip Spring 2022


What is LEAD?

Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs (LEAD) is an event where DSP members nationally improve leadership, networking, and professional skills through educational sessions.


"LEAD events provide opportunities for collegiate and alumni members to maximize potential in professional and civic leadership, Fraternity involvement, and personal life."
- Delta Sigma Pi Headquaters, OH
LEAD Spring 2022

Social Responsibility

Serving Gainesville, FL.

As active members in the Gainesville Community. It is our duty to protect the environment and serve those in need.

Building Relationships

Since 2012, we have been building close relationships with organization such as Relay for Life, Keep Alachua County Beautiful, and Little Orange Creek Preseve.
Community Service DSP

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