Zoe Schneider

First-year Finance Student

Northbrook, IL
I am a current undergraduate student studying at the Warrington College of Business at UF pursuing a degree in finance. I am a hardworking, curious individual from the Chicago area eager to learn more about financial literacy and the markets. My experiences have taught me many valuable life skills like team building, patience, and all around how to build long lasting relationships. I value the people I connect with and the individuals I meet as I believe building interpersonal and professional relationships is an integral part of the work environment. I have an interest in private wealth management for my future, but am staying open to learning about the many careers that the finance industry has to offer. I had a phenomenal experience working at a real estate company throughout the summer of 2023 and am excited to build up my experiences more. Overall, I am an extremely open minded individual who is avid to gain more experience and and knowledge regarding the world of business.
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