Thomas Velastegui

Third-Year Business Administration Student

Coral Springs, FL
I am a third-year Business Administration Student specializing in Health Administration and minoring in Economics at the University of Florida. Being born in Ecuador and having moved to Florida at a young age, I was continually exposed to different backgrounds and cultures, allowing me to foster the essential skills of communication and empathy at a young age. Furthermore, through my academic rigor I have continuously developed my analytical and critical thinking skills which has influenced how I approach and breakdown problems. Throughout my involvement in Delta Sigma Pi as Pledge Class VP of Professional Activities, and now Director of Brotherhood Professional Activities, I have undergone professional development second to none that will prepare me for future career endeavors. I am also currently the VP of Organizational Development for BCC which has given me the opportunity to develop my teamwork and organizational skills through the planification of events such as Business Bash. Outside of academic leadership positions, I currently work as a Sales Development Representative Intern at The Selling Factory, and have previously completed the Paragon One-PwC consulting externship. After graduating, I look forward to bringing my qualifications and skillset to the consulting industry.
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Sales Development Representative Intern at The Selling Factory; Paragon One-PwC Consulting Extern