Sophia Peixoto

First-year Business Admnistration Major

Recife, Brazil
I am a first-year international student at the University of Florida's Warrington College of Business, pursuing a degree in Business administration. In August 2023, I moved From Brazil to the United States seeking a better education for my future, which has profoundly shaped my cultural identity and sense of adaptability. My diverse background has expanded my horizons and equipped me to build connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds and succeed in a constantly evolving global environment. I thrive in environments that facilitate helping others through collaboration and teamwork. I am passionate about leaving each place I step in better than how I found it which is a constant theme in my life. I exemplified this behavior through various experiences including creating my non-profit organization, starting my high school’s first club, and serving my peers as vice president of the class, representing my eagerness to give back to the community. Furthermore, I have a strong passion for the technology sector, the sustainability facets of the business world, and the creative aspect of a business. This has led me to have an open mind and pursue different opportunities in the business world.
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