Sophia Alvarez

Second-year Economics & Political Science Student | HSF Scholar

Miami, FL
Hi! I'm Sophia Alvarez, currently a sophomore at the University of Florida where I'm pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science with additional interests in Data Analytics and Mass Communications. Growing up in the diverse city of Miami, I have always been an open-minded and curious individual fascinated by psychology and understadning why people make certain decisions in order to be a better problem-solver. Between my areas of study to the different activities I have participated in, I always aim to explore an array of interests. From volunteering at my local zoo and tutoring students, to being an active member of the Hispanic Students Association and Delta Sigma Pi, serving as Director of Scholarships & Awards, I always try to give back to my community while pursuing my passions and developing myself. Additionally, this summer I worked at Best Practices Title, LLC as an Administrative Support Intern. All of these activities have allowed me to pursue my interests while developing my communication, problem-solving, teamwork, analytical, and leadership skills. Ultimately, I hope to have a career in a field that enables me to continue exploring these interests and passions such as consulting, marketing, finance, or business analytics. If you are interested in learning more about my experiences or believe my qualifications are a good fit, feel free to reach me at
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Administrative Support Intern, Best Practices Title, LLC, Summer 2023