Sofia Yaffar

Third-Year Finance Student Pursuing a Combination Master's in Marketing Degree

Miami, Florida
With an innate passion for data and numbers, I seek a potential career in finance to build on my analytical skills. While the technical side is half of my motivation, the other half of why I want to go into business is the people side. I want to help people make the best decisions for themselves and their business, all while leaving behind long lasting impressions. Furthermore, I am interested in advancing my knowledge in consumer behavior and why consumers act the way they do. Looking back on my past experiences, I have learned skills such as determination, perseverance, and collaboration. I enjoy being in environments that challenge me and help foster my technical and soft skills. If you would like to connect, feel free to contact me at!
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Marketing Intern, Duel Tech, Summer 2023; Co-Founder of 6Primos, 6Primos, 2020-2021; Accounting Intern, MasTec, Summer 2021