Sebastian Gonzalez

Second-Year Finance Student

Pembroke Pines, Florida
Born in the United States but raised by Colombian parents, I have been exposed to a variety of diverse and unique cultures. These experiences of being in two different worlds at once have allowed me to adapt quickly to new environments and more importantly to connect with a diverse range of people. I am eager to adapt to new cultures and maintain a high level of excellence and rigor as I continue my journey as a college student. On another note, my interest in entrepreneurship drove me to found my company, Prep Academy, during my senior year of high school. Building a business is no easy task but working on Prep Academy and building a clientele and a profitable business has shown to me the importance of determination and perseverance. I aspire to help build other businesses and see business owners fulfill their dreams, including myself.
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Operations Coordinator, Voov Media, June 2021 – April 2022