Ryan de Bernier

Third-year Business Administration Student

La Crescenta, California
I grew up in the Los Angeles area to parents who are heavily involved in the film industry, inspiring my deep passion for business and entertainment. I came to the University of Florida seeking a strong education in a four year environment that would allow me to shape my own future and benefit the world around me. I know that my professional experience and education at the University of Florida, makes me a strong candidate for any position. With a strong work ethic and motivation, I excel both independently and as a team player. I embody values such as selflessness, courage, inclusion, and innovation. As a leader I bring significant growth and productivity improvements through enhanced collaboration and determination, principles that I intend to implement in my role. I am confident that my passion for innovative problem-solving and my ability to thrive in fast-paced environments would contribute significantly to the success of your organization, and I am eager to further discuss how my skills align with the needs of the role.
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International Service & Operations Representative, Bobrick, Summer 2022