Mary Ananya Kommareddy

Second-Year Finance and Wealth Management Student

Tampa, Florida
I am Mary Ananya Kommareddy, a second-year Finance student with a focus on Private Wealth Management. Growing up in an immigrant household, I was instilled with the values of financial literacy, particularly the significance of investing. These early teachings from my parents ignited my passion for the world of finance. During my first year in college, I became actively involved in various campus organizations, expanding my knowledge of potential career paths within the finance realm. Among these options, Private Wealth Management stood out to me. Through my campus involvements, I honed my leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. Driven by my fervor to deepen my understanding of finance, I aspire to pursue a career that allows me to combine my ambitions in the field of Wealth Management. As a dedicated student, I eagerly anticipate gaining practical experience in companies that align with my goals, as I continue to explore and shape my path in the financial world.
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Business Administration & Marketing Intern, Michael Grant Motors, Summer 2023