Loudin Cato

Second-year Information Systems Student

St. Louis, Missouri
I am a current second-year student at the University of Florida. I am pursuing a degree in Information Systems with an emphasis in sustainability within supply chain. I currently am involved with BUMP and Eco-Gator here at UF and have been growing and learning more professional skills as well as gaining more environmentally conscious practices. This has led me to find a passion in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Logistics, specifically in lowering supply chain carbon footprint along with sustainable procurement initiatives. Throughout my time at UF I have grown into a new person within its diverse and inclusive environment. Living in St. Louis all of my life along with my 3 older sisters has given me an unique experience growing up compared to others. It has given me the leadership and community skills that have made me the person I am today and here at UF I am able to continue to expand on them, especially within Delta Sigma Pi.
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