Kevin Guillen

Third-year Business Administration student

Miami, Florida
I am a graduate of the Honors College class of 2023. I am currently a junior at the University of Florida, pursuing a major in Business Administration. During my time at Miami Dade College, I had the privilege of becoming the president of Future Finance Leaders. This role allowed me to expose students to various industries in the world of business, all while helping them develop essential workplace skills to secure internships in their chosen fields. Additionally, I played a pivotal role as a founding member of MDC's Student Managed Investment Fund and served on their investment committee. My aspirations lie in the Financial Services industry, where I hope to secure an internship. Moreover, I am determined to pursue a master's degree in finance to deepen my expertise in the field. Ultimately, I envision myself establishing my own hedge fund and giving back to my community by becoming a finance professor. In this role, I hope to design a course that combines the realms of philosophy and finance.
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Internal Audit Intern, Assurant, Summer 2022 - Present