Kevin Gallor

Second-year Business Administration Student

Miramar, Florida
Currently, I am a second-year Business Administration student at the University of Florida. I am working towards obtaining a degree in Finance and planning to graduate in May 2026. Coming from a hispanic background and being born in South Florida, I have experienced and communicated with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Growing up in a household passionate about commercial real-estate, I have always had an interest in the financial side of business and the real-estate market. Through my time working as a Remodeling Manager Assistant, I was able to learn the ropes of the financial and managerial side of a business, which fueled my passion for finance and real-estate even further. I know that my work-ethic, diverse perspectives, adaptability, and communication skills will help me reach my aspirations of getting a job in these areas of business. I am open to take on any opportunities within the business world that will give me valuable experiences that I can learn from. Throughout my time as a student, I will take full advantage of learning about the business world, especially the financial and real-estate side of business.
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