Kalee Patel

Second-year Business Administration student at University of Florida

Tampa, Florida
I am a second-year Business Administration student specializing in wealth management, planning to graduate from the University of Florida in May 2026. Although my career interests lie in consulting, my passion for dance and exploration of diverse cultures has shaped a unique professional journey. Embracing creativity, problem-solving, and design, I currently serve as the marketing chair for a dance competition hosted by UF. During a summer internship with a tech AI startup, I contributed to training the AI using research on consumer trends in the fashion and retail sector, engaging with my appreciation for art and design in a business context. With a background in four languages, I understand the significance of approaching the evolving business world with strong skills in communication, adaptability, and diverse perspectives. I aim to bring these skills to the workplace, cultivating an innovative environment that reflects my diverse background. I am eager to further explore my interests in wealth management and consulting, so please feel free to connect with me through LinkedIn or email at kalee.patel@ufl.edu.
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Summer Intern, Curated For You, Summer 2023