Jack Szymczak

Third-year MS-ISOM Candidate

Brookfield, IL
Growing up, problem solving always captivated me. Whether at home with my family or in the classroom, I was always looking for potential solutions to any issue I could spot. Throughout my education, I have kept this captivation alive through attempting to find solutions in information technology. I take pride in helping businesses I believe in thrive to their fullest potential, and I am able to do that on a day-to-day working as a data management consultant. In the future, I hope to sharpen my skills to allow me to find solutions to even bigger problems. I have a passion for helping those with less experience thrive in the digital world, and I hope to be able to continue that in my professional career. As much as I love being able to find solutions to complex problems, I love being able to see the joy that my work brings my clients even more. I hope to make many more people happy through my data solutions in the future and aspire to help as many as I can thrive in the digital age.
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Information and Operational Risk Management Intern, ABN AMRO Clearing, Summer 2023