Fernando Peter Kurt

Information Systems Student, Business Analyst Fracht AG

Mexico City, Mexico
A dynamic and culturally-aware third-year Information Systems student at the University of Florida, brings a unique international perspective with experiences spanning from Mexico to Canada, Argentina, and Miami. This global exposure has fostered an openness and appreciation for diversity that runs deep within his ethos. His passion for the convergence of business and technology has led him to master tools such as Python, SQL, R, and Tableau, honing these skills during robust internships as a Data Analyst and Business Analyst. With an inherent drive for continuous learning, Fernando ensures to augment his knowledge base daily, ranging from fun facts to intricate coding nuances. Being a strong tech-savvy student, Fernando's particular interest lies in harnessing data's transformative potential in business operations. His top five Clifton Strengths—Relator, Futuristic, Competition, Consistency, and Restorative—further highlight his collaborative nature, forward-thinking outlook, competitive spirit, commitment to stability, and problem-solving skills. Coupled with his relentless thirst for knowledge, Fernando is more than ready to take on the professional world, demonstrating the ideal blend of technical proficiency, business acumen, and cultural dexterity, making him a standout candidate in the realm of data analytics and business intelligence.
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Business Analyst Intern, Fracht AG, Summer 2023; IBM Accelerate Participant, IBM, Summer 2023; Market Research Data Analyst Intern, Mobalytics, Fall 2022