Carolina Rojas

First Year Business Administration Student on a Pre-Law Track at the University of Florida

Melbourne, Florida
I am a first-year business administration student on a pre-law track at the University of Florida planning to graduate in May 2027, aspiring to become a corporate attorney. My passion for the commercial world and the legal field would allow me to combine business and law into one career. Inherently, corporations have the ability to fight for the rights of individuals and I look forward to being that voice for clients as an attorney. Through personal research and taking legal coursework in high school, my interest in law has expanded. As the daughter of two Cuban immigrants, I have always valued strong familial connections and diverse perspectives. They taught me the importance of collaboration in professional and personal settings. I have exemplified teamwork throughout my various involvements in high school and I am continuing to do so at the University of Florida through open-minded conversations in group projects and clubs such Younger Leaders Conference.
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