Andrea Ferrer

Finance, Economics, & Wealth Management Student

Pembroke Pines, FL
As a current student at the University of Florida, I am working towards a double major in Finance and Economics, and a minor in Wealth Management in order to graduate in May 2025. Through my experiences as a student, I have grown my skills in collaboration, leadership, and organization by being a Vice President and Director of Scholarships & Awards. My most prominent role as Vice President for Latin American Women in Business is to create partnerships with other organizations, develop a mentorship program, orchestrate tabling and social events, and support the rest of the executive board. Additionally, as Director of Scholarships & Awards for Delta Sigma Pi, I have developed my teamwork and organizational skills by implementing a series of scholarship opportunities with a team of 6 individuals. After graduating, I am interested in building these skills within the Wealth Management sector as it would highlight my discipline, creativity, and eagerness to succeed.
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Asset & Wealth Management Fellow, JP Morgan, Summer 2023