Amanda Sanchez

Third-year Management student

Miami, Florida
Hello! I'm Amanda Sanchez, a third-year transfer student at the University of Florida's Warrington College of Business, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with a minor in Professional Selling. Set to graduate in Spring 2025, I bring a bilingual perspective rooted in my Cuban and Honduran background. Throughout my academic journey, my deep love for collaboration and working with people has become evident. In various leadership roles, I've honed my ability to delegate, guide, and mentor others through intricate processes, fueling my eagerness to find a career that thrives on teamwork. My interests lie in the dynamic fields of consulting and sales, where I can leverage my strategic thinking and interpersonal skills to drive success. Beyond the classroom, I am also intrigued by construction development and the challenges of managing properties and real estate. Hoping to align my future career with my passion for leadership, collaboration, and thriving in a fast-paced work environment, I see Consulting and Sales as dynamic spaces where I can make a meaningful impact. Through my extra-curricular experiences, I have and will continue to foster relationships with peers, motivating me to actively seek opportunities in the dynamic business world.
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Government and Public Policy Intern, Libra Group, Summer 2023