Rosinella D’Ostilio

Former L’Oréal USA Marketing Intern

Weston, Florida
Every brand has a story to tell and a customer to market to; it is my goal to be that link between the two. Even before starting college and moving from Venezuela just 8 years ago, I have been passionate about this relationship. From starting a non-profit initiative for children to interning twice at L'Oréal in Miami and New York City, I have adapted to the different needs of many organizations and improved their marketing strategies, prioritizing their customers, brand, mission, and values. As a rising senior in the Marketing Combined Degree program at the University of Florida, I am motivated to go above and beyond to develop my skills to become a successful leader in the Brand/Product Management and Digital Marketing fields. With my Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Marketing, minor in Mass Communication Studies, current involvements, and past experiences, I hope to further explore my interests in the areas of technology, fashion, beauty, public relations, social media management, web design, and content marketing.
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Marketing Intern, L’Oréal USA, Summer 2023: Marketing & Digital Intern, L’Oréal TRAM, Summer 2022; Business Analyst Intern, Grotaminarda LLC, Summer 2021