Nathaniel Yang

A&R/Talent Manager at JarjourCo

Vincennes, IN
Hello! My name is Nathaniel Yang, and I’m a fourth-year Media Production, Management, & Technology major at the University of Florida. In addition to being a full-time student, I have been a full-time A&R/Talent Manager in the music industry for music executive Nick Jarjour since December 2022. My steadfast passion has always been music, so my long-term career goals are to continue working in the industry while being part of the creation of some of the greatest records. Furthermore, I hope to inspire others through my work that anything is possible, and instill in them the courage to pursue their dreams. If you would like to discuss my work/qualifications, please feel free to reach me at Thank you!
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Retail Banking Intern, Old National Bank, Summer 2021; Consumer Insights Extern, Beats by Dr. Dre; Full-Time A&R/Talent Manager, JarjourCo, December 2022-Present