Liam Kavolius

Fourth-year Business Management Student

Vero Beach, FL
I am a current fourth year student at the University of Florida. I am a Master of International Business Candidate pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a minor in History and planning to graduate in May of 2024. Growing up in a military family, I have had to move quite often throughout my life. I learned to love meeting new people and having meaningful conversations while connecting with diverse crowds of people, which has lead me to develop wide perspectives and grow my interests. My deepest interests lie in history and anthropology. I aspire to eventually do business internationally, where I will be able to interact with new cultures across the world. It is my mission to have a positive impact on as many people as I can while growing, improving, making purposeful connections, and having valuable experiences and interactions.
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PepsiCo – Frito Lay, Management Intern, Summer 2023; PowerPT, Finance & Consulting Intern, Summer 2022; LogMeIn, Marketing Intern, Summer 2021