Cole Tilley

Fourth-year Business Administration Student with Sports Management Minor

Hilliard, FL
I am a driven student and worker, priding myself on versatility and being able to be useful in many different areas. I put the interest of the team first and will contribute whatever is necessary for success, this mentality comes from my background in sports. After having many different experiences throughout my college career, I have a definitive interest and desire to work in Supply Chain Management. I also have always enjoyed the aspect of working with people and being creative, so I am open to Sales and Marketing opportunities as well. Coming from a very small town in rural Northeast Florida molded me into the person I am today, valuing family and those around me. Those are the same values I look for when pursuing careers, and ultimately knowing that the grass will be green where I water it, so I'm driven to make the most of any opportunity. I am extremely excited to network and meet with recruiters from many different fields!
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Supply Chain Intern, PepsiCo, Summer 2023